Physical, Emotional, Temporal

by Tellus Effluentia

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Ben Skaife.
Kelvin Mace.
Luke Roberts.
Natty Peterkin.

Cover art by Natty.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam McCune.


released January 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Tellus Effluentia Norwich, UK

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Track Name: Impassable
Glass doors slide shut. With a gentle hum I am pulled away, watching you recede through condensed drops of other people’s breath.

We will never meet again.

Snowballing onward, downward, I could never turn back.

The marks you left are buried under new layers, and it is too late to understand.
Track Name: Intangible
Built by the inside to ignore the out: a shell intricate and beautiful in design, perfectly engineered to preserve isolation.

We can look at one another from inside but will never find...

Every mistake, every regret and every disappointment are one step further up a staircase - one more brick in the walls.

When we reach the top, the only way to go further is to fall.

Our shells can touch, our shells can fuck, but our real selves will never meet.
Track Name: Irretrievable
No right answer. No real truth. When the only way out is with time, life slows to a grind and everything becomes unbearably still.

Waiting in uncertainty is so much worse than loss.

Hope (false), trust (misplaced), love (facade), despair (useless)

When you already know you’re following a pointless road why is it so hard to leave behind?

It’d be better to be alone than waste away like this, but treading these familiar steps has some irresistible allure and I can never bring myself to stop.